We want to spread the word about new and exciting developments we made recently - don’t miss a chance to meet the members of the team behind Baasic!

Here are a couple of conferences we are going to attend:

BalCCon 2k14

Balkan Computer Congress is an international hacker conference organized by LUGoNS – Linux Users Group of Novi Sad, Serbia, and Wau Holland Foundation from Hamburg and Berlin. It is the second conference taking place on the Balkan, where some 20 years ago people were at war with each other. Now the BalCCon brings together hackers, hacktivists and computer enthusiasts from this area and they are joined by fellow hackers from all over the world. The program consist of numerous presentations, workshops and lectures about information, privacy, technology, programming, free software and socio-political issues. September 05 - September 07, 2014.

KulenDayz 2014

Three days of practical workshops, sessions and talks about Advance Development, Data Base, ITPro, Cloud, Office365, Web, Mobile and Project Management should be enough to convince you to come to Osijek, Croatia. September 05 - September 07, 2014.

WebCamp Zagreb 2014

WebCamp Zagreb is a tech conference built by community for the community. With more than 600 web developers & designers attending last years conference, the concept of sharing experiences and knowledge across different communities in South East Europe becomes even more apparent.

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