Over the past few months, we have been building Baasic Developer Center to help you get on track with your Baasic apps. We’re excited to say - it’s online. It contains REST API documentation, general information on Baasic SDKs, and Framework Class Library (FCL) - related information.


The REST API section is an advanced reference of all Baasic resources - from authentication and membership to module APIs. Learn about REST API parameters and how to format your requests through sample requests, responses, and errors.

Quick Start

To quickly get started with our framework, follow our step-by-step guides. They will help you understand the components and features that Baasic provides, and how to use them. You’ll also find information on how to access Baasic through a web-based GUI, and the Baasic API endpoints.

To speed up your development, use Baasic Starter Kits, a predefined set of tools and production-ready code. If you already started to use Baasic, but are still looking for some inspiration on what you can achieve, check out our showcases.

SDKs - New and updated section

AngularJS is an ideal partner with any server technology, and Baasic AngularJS SDK will help you get your app on track in no time. However, if your favorite framework is .NET, Baasic .NET SDK will save you from reinventing the wheel while developing your app.

Framework Class Library (FCL)

Customers using self-hosted Baasic subscriptions can now download Baasic FCL (framework class library) using NuGet package manager. Baasic modules can be installed as a bundle, or as a combination of modules, depending what is the best fit for your application. Modules, as a part of FCL, can be extended and customized as per your application business logic.

Documentation (coming soon)

Baasic documentation provides a comprehensive and detailed guide to all Baasic back-end modules and features. Learn how to build an application while using your existing tools and following your standard development practices.

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