After spending a while in beta, Baasic recently moved to a Release version, which proved to be the closing step to the final product. So yes, Baasic is live!

As you probably know, Baasic is a BaaS solution that provides a standard set of backend features, so you don’t have to worry about servers, database infrastructure, security, scalability, and maintenance. It offers end-to-end functionality for web and mobile application development that is not tied to a particular programming language and development framework.

There are a few pricing plans available. If you are a learning developer, or just want to try the service, go with the Free plan. If you have basic developer knowledge and an idea for your project, the Developer subscription plan is an affordable option. Maybe you think about opening a startup or a small business? Startup subscription plan is all you need for your project to grow easily. For apps with a large community, choose Pro.

If none of this is enough, and you want more resources, custom-built modules, dedicated or self-hosted solution - get in touch to talk about Enterprise plan.

Regardless of the subscription plan you choose, you can always count on help from Dev Center, Starter Kits, Showcases, SDKs, and our support.

Remember, Baasic allows you to pick only the pieces of functionality you really need and combine them in a way that makes sense in your domain, relieving you from the grunt work involved in writing all applications. You can build just what you need on top of existing features, without having to start from scratch every time. To try Baasic, simply sign up and create your first application.

As for what’s next, our eagerly awaited Social Networking module is on its way. Using the accompanying Starter Kit, you’ll be able to create social network applications in no time.

Also, we are constantly working on improving old SDKs. Soon to be out are refreshed JavaScript and AngularJS SDKs (in TypeScript), and a couple of new ones - Angular, NodeJS, and ReactJS SDKs.

Help us in our mission of making things easy. Sign up (it’s free) and see how fast can you bring your idea to life. Your expert feedback will be greatly appreciated and will make Baasic even more awesome!

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