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Baasic is a completely modular, pluggable, scalable, secure and technology-agnostic service for rapid development of web and mobile apps.

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What is BaaS?

Typically, Web and mobile apps require a similar set of features on the backend. Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions provide a consistent way to manage the backend data, so that developers do not need to "reinvent the wheel" each time they start implementing a new solution.

Such services make application development much quicker, letting you focus on solving real business problems while capitalizing on the inherent scalability of cloud computing.

There are numerous BaaS solutions on the market, providing low-level storage infrastructure combined with a set of APIs to read/write application data, and an authentication infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access to that data.


How is Baasic different?

Baasic provides a standard set of backend features. However, in addition to this, it hits a sweet spot on the intersection of today's BaaS solutions, content management systems and modern application frameworks.

Until now, the choices for building lean web or mobile applications without starting from scratch were quite limited – you would use a standard BaaS package and develop all frontend and business logic on top of it, or pick up an existing CMS or application framework and tweak its behavior. Such frameworks often suffer from feature bloat and "one size fits none" syndrome, where developers fight the framework instead doing the real creative work.

Baasic offers end-to-end functionality for web and mobile application development that is not tied to a particular programming language and development framework. It is a cross-breed of a lightweight BaaS and cloud-based CMS, allowing you to quickly add user membership, content editing and social networking functionality to your Web sites and applications.


What's in it for me?

Baasic allows you to pick only the pieces of functionality you really need and combine them in a way that makes sense in your domain, relieving you from the grunt work involved in writing all applications.

You can take complete control of application infrastructure and architecture, while using your existing tools and following your standard development practices. It can even be used with static HTML-based sites, allowing you to add complex functionality to what would otherwise be a plain-old Web site running in static hosting environment.

Baasic Modules

Baasic empowers you to create complex apps with mighty modules pre-built with the developer in mind.


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