Baasic empowers you to create complex apps the way you want, using pre-built modules that provide common functionality.


Authentication & Authorization

Baasic comes with all standard authentication and authorization features, including social login with REST API and AngularJS, plain REST API and AngularJS membership SDK, and many more.


User Management

Tired of reinventing the user management infrastructure? We got you covered. Build and manage your user base using our fully featured user module.


User Profiles

No social app is complete without a rich user profile. Extend user profiles to build powerful applications and keep your users engaged.


Dynamic Resources

Build your own custom data schemas and manage data contained within them. Manage all your dynamic resources using a visual JSON editor or dig deep into the plain JSON code. Here's how.



The articles module gives you the ability to manage your content using a powerful set of features that includes publishing workflow, tagging, comments, ratings, permissions, markdown and rich text editing. Use it with AngularJS, and build blogs and other content-based apps on top of it.


Media Vault & Files

A secure place to store and exchange files between different application modules. Files are protected from direct access using a powerful, flexible and customizable set of permission checks.



The Notifications module allows you to send thousands of notifications in a single API call, and your users to subscribe to desired notification channels.



Use the Templating module to brand, localize, and customize all built-in or your custom notification templates.



Track your API requests, storage, bandwidth or your own metric data through the Metering module. It also allows you to collect and transform your IoT metric data.


Key values & Value sets

Add simple key-value pairs and value sets for your apps. Use them for settings, lookups and other simple data structures.



An easy to use permission system lets you control who and how can access your application's resources.

Upcoming modules

We are trying really hard to build new modules and extend Baasic functionality to meet the demands of developers and businesses. Stay tuned!

Social Networking

Build your own social network on the Baasic platform.