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AngularJS SDK V2.0 Released

Baasic AngularJS SDK version 2.0 has just been released as a repack of the first version. It is based on a newly released JavaScript SDK and backward compatible with v1.

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Modifying AngularJS Blog Starter Kit Theme

We have published the Blog Starter Kit to help you build your own blog-enabled sites and applications. Learn how to set it up, customize default themes and start blogging in no time.

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Using custom properties with Baasic themes

Let's see how easy it is to extended standard starter kits by adding custom properties. The end result will be a completely new theme that can be used to host event-based websites.

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Baasic AngularJS SDK

Announcing the release of Baasic AngularJS SDK - an indispensable toolset that makes interacting with the Baasic API a breeze.

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